Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Scouts Update

 So sometimes you adopt a whole slew of models but a few of them don't come with their favorite weapons. In this case, I had to take it upon myself to build a few sniper rifles from scratch. From left to right they started as a pair of Grey Knight incinerators, a scout bike grenade launcher, and lastly a pair of pistols. Two sizes of brass tubing plus a little green stuff and now I have the happiest little custom sniper team!

A few days later the whole crew of 20 is painted. These are the sergeants (can you make out the meltabombs?) sprayed in black and then overshot with expensive-ass Mephiston Red. The armor in this picture has already been brushed with a Vallejo deep red. Next they will get a lighter red edge, brown fatigues, and finished with some silver on the weapons.
Battle Brother Zarak stands in for final color comparison.