Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Scouts WIP

I'm bulking up my Red Hunters Inquisitorial force. And what's the cheapest way to get BS4 bolters? Scouts, of course!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How NOT to Put Down a Revolt

Final report from the Big Game. This was a full Ordo Xenos list investigating a potential cult uprising. Well, we have direct confirmation of a Patriarch on site. After this battle will be a reassessment as to how to actually remove the bastard.
This was my right flank after initial deployment vs Theo's Genestealer Cult army. Notice the unit already infiltrating behind my Deathwatch. By the way, that's my new Inquisitor in the middle there, near the cable spool. She was also the one staring out the window in the last batrep. She doesn't have a name yet. Anyone want to offer suggestions?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Commander Coldwind Un-upsets the Balance

This was the second game I played, Saturday morning. A completely different Inquisition team meets the Tau in one of the city's monument parks. The xenos had been methodically sweeping across the open plains for weeks. And now Silver Skulls Librarian-Prognosticar Bhehan, seconded to one of the Deathwatch kill-teams on Doric, forsees a pivotal battle around the Imperium's icons.
This is the table we were on. Each of the statues was an objective, with a random (D3) amount of VPs attached to each, to be determined at the end of the game.

Big Game 2017; First Game vs Greg

The warband sped through the desert. Attempting to wheel around the battle line being fought only a few kilometers away. The Chaos Warlord became aware of a handful of strangely marked vehicles in the distance through the telepathic link with his forward ranging bound daemon servants. The Rhinos appeared to be alone. Sensing that this was a likely trap, he also knew the glory seekers in his retinue would not be able to ignore the easy pickings. Dismounts were ordered and the summoning materiel was readied.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Big Game 2017

 Once again I have several hundred pics from the D-Co Big Game. Apparently this was one of the biggest ever; over two dozen of us weirdos rolling dice, showing off our newest creations, and generally celebrating the hobby. Very cool.

This first set of pictures will be drawn from around the room throughout the weekend, more or less chronologically. I was not involved in any of these games, but I do still like to put some effort into a few that I thought could look really fun. You might notice a couple where I started experimenting with some filters. Take the one above for example. Orkamungus' Kondo was set up on this sweet desert highway table mat and it really screamed 'Mad Max' every time I walked by.

As always, feel free to ask if you'd like to save a copy of any images here. If you ask nicely I can probably even send the original file.

Stay tuned for a battle report or three regarding the games I played.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Just a Little Internal Conflict -- More Like 'Military Heartburn'

Inquisitor Covenanter Yossarius, Arch Lector of Piscina Extremis, High Auditor Probant of Outremer, late in the campaign to keep the world of Doric-ar1 in Imperial hands, has turned his zealous gaze inward, to a contingent of Guardsmen unwilling to fulfill their duties as laid out by the Emperor's most worth emissary. While none can deny their good intentions, the faction in question was found lacking in ability to carry out orders to the Inquisitor's satisfaction. Unfortunately, they could not see the greater good their sacrifice would have made to the cause of the planet, so some 'restructuring of the chain of command' was in order. What follows is that Re-Education.
 The forces of the Inquisition deploy forward, hoping to capitalize on several key manufactorum artifacts.
 The main force of the dissidents.

 The Marines would have first turn, moving forward under cover of smoke. Several key objectives would be claimed before the traitors could react, thus putting them on the reactionary for the remainder of the battle.
 Meanwhile, Ancient Iapetus arrives by drop pod, immobilizing a chimera. He would remain active long enough to destroy a second transport before exploding all over most of the unit of guardsmen who took it down.
 This wall of armor would prove to be tougher than a grox skull. Two or three Bullgryn bit the dust, but otherwise would not be even remotely threatened.
I mean, just look at all those tanks. Luckily I had no reason to go anywhere near them.
 Turn 2, Kill Team Tauss teleports in, wrecking a third transport.

 This Red Hunters squad proved to be pretty kick-ass. Grav guns are awesome when you're the one firing them.
 The Bullgryn prepare to finally get in close.
 Once the tanks destroy the Land Raider...
 Out comes a stabby little unit of assassins. They don't appreciate being bombarded with grenades, so will figure no longer in this story.

Once the main bridge was blocked and the smoke cleared, the tank commander quickly reassessed his options. With nearly all of his boots on the ground MIA, a cautious standstill was reached. Perhaps not all is lost, once the highest-level executions are meted out.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Yossarius -in- "Trench Intervention"

An exciting tale told in five turns. Wherein our intrepid Inquisitor braves the heavily defended trenchworks of Brick'ead and the Orks of DoricAR-1. When last we saw our hero he was misdirecting the Tau of this very same world. Formerly of little consequence and hiding absolutely no devious Imperial secrets of any kind, Doric has been torn apart by several standard months of unending conflict. The Orks, in their eternal search for a bigger scrap, have dug in and invited any of the myriad factions suddenly fighting over this planet to come 'ave a go.
For some time this challenge has been taken up by the heretical Iron Warriors Space Marines. The Inquisition was content to let them wage mutual destruction, but recent gains by the Orks have necessitated a more direct engagement.