Tuesday, December 17, 2013

According to the latest reports, the dreaded Warboss Orkamungus has landed on the planet Verigon. This abandoned mining world has been depleted of most resources -- at least those the Empire had any use for. But Mungus' meks have convinced him to delay moving deeper into the system in order to resupply. Big Mek Sootmouf in particular has designs that need to get out of his head and onto some kind of prometheum-fueled dreadfulness. Verigon has just the stuff an ork can use.

Pedro Cantor has heard these reports and brought a contingent of his most loyal veterans to wipe this threat from the planet. The planet itself is of no importance, but the hope is to blunt this Waaagh! before it can threaten the rest of the system. He also has a few new toys straight from the Adepti on Mars that are just itching to wreck some aliens.

The orkish monstrosities rumble into the clearing.