Thursday, March 19, 2015

Da Red Waaagh! Has Landed

Last week my Orks defended their dropships in part 2 of the Red Waaagh! Campaign I've been slowly playing through with joe. Big Mek Sootmouf was tasked (along with his Big Mek Stompa 'Junkinata') to keep the Imperial pressure off of the mustering Roks and dropships, including Grukk's personal Wrath of Gork. Meanwhile the Knights of Alaric Prime and their Cadian allies chose this point to effect a breakthrough of the Ork lines.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pictures of D-Co Big Game 2015

Yer muvver wuz a squighound and yer fodder smelt like fungusbrew!

Boss Off! Boss Off! Boss Off!

Here are a few pics of our pregame Boss Battle to 
decide who will be Supreme Ork Warlord.
"You brainless grots ain't couldna fink up a kunnin plan
if it wuz splattered all ova da inside'a you's 'elmets!"
 - Big Mek Sootmouf