Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Fate of Crate Sixty Eight

Played a game a few weeks ago vs joe's new Nurgle worshipers. Captain Molaison brought the Red Hunters and a small squad of Grey Knights to eliminate them. We generated a random mission with Total War cards, which was interesting. Deployment zones took up fully each half of the short table edge. It was kind of intimidating to have a full squad of Plague Marines and a Land Raider RIGHT THERE turn one. Made me deploy back maybe a little further than I might have otherwise. Though with Orks or some other assaulty army it could have been pretty fun.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Campaign Inquisitoring

A small skirmish game to follow the large game over Gorgon Hive. Inquisitor Sandan Plagio is delving into the filthy utility tunnels below the city. After feeling the psychic backlash of unprecedented scale coming from the mysterious Chaos artifact, Plagio feels more information is needed than the simple request for aid that Inquisitor Melluvia Brank sent out calling him to this planet. She's been silent since Plagio got himself fully embroiled in the fighting here. He tells his scribe Y'ot to add one level of Suspicion to his file on the rival Inquisitor.

++A Custom Scenario for Furthering Story Along Towards Project Mayhem++

The Armies: This will be a small game of my Inquisitorial force vs random enemies in the catacombs below a corrupted Imperial city. The Attacker's force will consist of Inquisitor Plagio and an additional 10 Power Level of Inquisitorial units, deployed within 6" of one short table edge. The Defender's force should consist of any number of units with either the Troops role or any non-monstrous, non-unique Character.

The Battlefield: The Defender sets up a board with lots of tight alleyways, corridors, or line-of-sight blocking pipes or rock formations. Place six markers around the board following the normal rules for placing objective markers.

Something like this. It doesn't even have to be symmetrical.
Deployment: The Attacker starts with any number of units within 6" of the short board edge. The Defender's units will all start in reserves. They will then be deployed as Objectives are revealed, as described below.

The Objectives: Whenever a unit with the Inquisition keyword moves within 3" of a marker, roll a D6 and consult the chart below. Then the Defender places the appropriate model(s) in unit coherency and within that room (or within 6" of the marker) but more than 1" from any enemy models.
If the Attacker activates five markers without rolling a 6, then the sixth marker will immediately be revealed as the Clue. The Artifact Clue Objective can be moved by any model that comes into contact with it. From that point, the Clue remains with the model until it is dropped, which only happens if the model is slain or flees. The model carrying the Clue cannot move further than 9" in any single phase.

1-2 -- D6 models from any Troops unit
3-4 -- 2D6 Troops models
5 -- any Character model
6 -- Artifact Clue

Game Length: Variable. The game will end when either the Inquisitor loses his last wound or a model with the Inquisition keyword is moves the Artifact Clue to either short board edge. If the Clue is removed from the board this way by an Imperium model, Attacker wins. If all Inquisitorial units are removed from the board, or a Chaos model removes the Clue, Defender wins.

++ End Scenario ++

Make sense to everyone? I'll welcome critique, but the main point is to have a fluffy game that can be played through in less than an hour. I hope to run it at least once or twice before Big Game.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Meet the Project Mayhem Inquisitorial Task Force

Normally the Inquisition doesn't reveal more information than is strictly necessary. However, I have invented all kinds of backstory for many of my models and wanted to share something about all of these characters.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

DBGoLD 2017

Black Templars + Grey Knights

Daemons are bubbling up out of the muck near the center of the city. And now the Prognosticars of Chapter 666 are sensing something new. The Traitors have unearthed something with a warp-signature unlike anything ever seen since the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum. They report visions of a great multicoloured eye. The Grey Knights Brother-Captain Darig Tegvar brings the Paladins of his 7th Brotherhood to investigate.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Blitz the Tau

Inquisitor Sandan Plagio (in the middle white/purple razorback) leads a Red Hunters force on a Blitz of some hastily-defended Tau ramparts. The war to retake this planet has ground on much too long and Inquisitor Plagio impatiently pushes to end this engagement and get off-planet. A new call for aid has come from the region around old Mercia that needs his attention. If this battle goes well enough he can leave the prosecution of the remainder of the campaign to the reinforcing Primaris Marines.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Goodbye Old Warhammer of the Far Future

Hello new Warhammer of the slightly farther future.

D-Co held a small event a few weeks ago as a last hurrah to what we know as 7th Edition 40K.
I went with Grey Knights. This is the first time I ever built a dedicated display board for an army. Was kinda fun and I think it turned out very cool.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Red Hunters Scouts

Finished just in time for them to no longer have Chapter Tactics rules! Not that I mind too much. I never heard anyone saying the FW Tactics were overpowered.
 This is just a sample of my favorites. In all I was able to turn an ebay lot of 19 into a full 21 new recruits!

Mostly just glad I could utilize some of the head swaps to good effect.
Now I'll just have to see if shotguns are again truly worse than bolters in this edition.

Next post in a few days will be pics of our Farewell to 7th! Event.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Scouts Update

 So sometimes you adopt a whole slew of models but a few of them don't come with their favorite weapons. In this case, I had to take it upon myself to build a few sniper rifles from scratch. From left to right they started as a pair of Grey Knight incinerators, a scout bike grenade launcher, and lastly a pair of pistols. Two sizes of brass tubing plus a little green stuff and now I have the happiest little custom sniper team!

A few days later the whole crew of 20 is painted. These are the sergeants (can you make out the meltabombs?) sprayed in black and then overshot with expensive-ass Mephiston Red. The armor in this picture has already been brushed with a Vallejo deep red. Next they will get a lighter red edge, brown fatigues, and finished with some silver on the weapons.
Battle Brother Zarak stands in for final color comparison.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Scouts WIP

I'm bulking up my Red Hunters Inquisitorial force. And what's the cheapest way to get BS4 bolters? Scouts, of course!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How NOT to Put Down a Revolt

Final report from the Big Game. This was a full Ordo Xenos list investigating a potential cult uprising. Well, we have direct confirmation of a Patriarch on site. After this battle will be a reassessment as to how to actually remove the bastard.
This was my right flank after initial deployment vs Theo's Genestealer Cult army. Notice the unit already infiltrating behind my Deathwatch. By the way, that's my new Inquisitor in the middle there, near the cable spool. She was also the one staring out the window in the last batrep. She doesn't have a name yet. Anyone want to offer suggestions?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Commander Coldwind Un-upsets the Balance

This was the second game I played, Saturday morning. A completely different Inquisition team meets the Tau in one of the city's monument parks. The xenos had been methodically sweeping across the open plains for weeks. And now Silver Skulls Librarian-Prognosticar Bhehan, seconded to one of the Deathwatch kill-teams on Doric, forsees a pivotal battle around the Imperium's icons.
This is the table we were on. Each of the statues was an objective, with a random (D3) amount of VPs attached to each, to be determined at the end of the game.

Big Game 2017; First Game vs Greg

The warband sped through the desert. Attempting to wheel around the battle line being fought only a few kilometers away. The Chaos Warlord became aware of a handful of strangely marked vehicles in the distance through the telepathic link with his forward ranging bound daemon servants. The Rhinos appeared to be alone. Sensing that this was a likely trap, he also knew the glory seekers in his retinue would not be able to ignore the easy pickings. Dismounts were ordered and the summoning materiel was readied.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Big Game 2017

 Once again I have several hundred pics from the D-Co Big Game. Apparently this was one of the biggest ever; over two dozen of us weirdos rolling dice, showing off our newest creations, and generally celebrating the hobby. Very cool.

This first set of pictures will be drawn from around the room throughout the weekend, more or less chronologically. I was not involved in any of these games, but I do still like to put some effort into a few that I thought could look really fun. You might notice a couple where I started experimenting with some filters. Take the one above for example. Orkamungus' Kondo was set up on this sweet desert highway table mat and it really screamed 'Mad Max' every time I walked by.

As always, feel free to ask if you'd like to save a copy of any images here. If you ask nicely I can probably even send the original file.

Stay tuned for a battle report or three regarding the games I played.