Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Just a Little Internal Conflict -- More Like 'Military Heartburn'

Inquisitor Covenanter Yossarius, Arch Lector of Piscina Extremis, High Auditor Probant of Outremer, late in the campaign to keep the world of Doric-ar1 in Imperial hands, has turned his zealous gaze inward, to a contingent of Guardsmen unwilling to fulfill their duties as laid out by the Emperor's most worth emissary. While none can deny their good intentions, the faction in question was found lacking in ability to carry out orders to the Inquisitor's satisfaction. Unfortunately, they could not see the greater good their sacrifice would have made to the cause of the planet, so some 'restructuring of the chain of command' was in order. What follows is that Re-Education.
 The forces of the Inquisition deploy forward, hoping to capitalize on several key manufactorum artifacts.
 The main force of the dissidents.

 The Marines would have first turn, moving forward under cover of smoke. Several key objectives would be claimed before the traitors could react, thus putting them on the reactionary for the remainder of the battle.
 Meanwhile, Ancient Iapetus arrives by drop pod, immobilizing a chimera. He would remain active long enough to destroy a second transport before exploding all over most of the unit of guardsmen who took it down.
 This wall of armor would prove to be tougher than a grox skull. Two or three Bullgryn bit the dust, but otherwise would not be even remotely threatened.
I mean, just look at all those tanks. Luckily I had no reason to go anywhere near them.
 Turn 2, Kill Team Tauss teleports in, wrecking a third transport.

 This Red Hunters squad proved to be pretty kick-ass. Grav guns are awesome when you're the one firing them.
 The Bullgryn prepare to finally get in close.
 Once the tanks destroy the Land Raider...
 Out comes a stabby little unit of assassins. They don't appreciate being bombarded with grenades, so will figure no longer in this story.

Once the main bridge was blocked and the smoke cleared, the tank commander quickly reassessed his options. With nearly all of his boots on the ground MIA, a cautious standstill was reached. Perhaps not all is lost, once the highest-level executions are meted out.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Yossarius -in- "Trench Intervention"

An exciting tale told in five turns. Wherein our intrepid Inquisitor braves the heavily defended trenchworks of Brick'ead and the Orks of DoricAR-1. When last we saw our hero he was misdirecting the Tau of this very same world. Formerly of little consequence and hiding absolutely no devious Imperial secrets of any kind, Doric has been torn apart by several standard months of unending conflict. The Orks, in their eternal search for a bigger scrap, have dug in and invited any of the myriad factions suddenly fighting over this planet to come 'ave a go.
For some time this challenge has been taken up by the heretical Iron Warriors Space Marines. The Inquisition was content to let them wage mutual destruction, but recent gains by the Orks have necessitated a more direct engagement.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Doomed Parley at Shadrack Valley

Inquisitor Yossarian arrives for a meeting with Tau Commander codename 'Coldwind', arranged through servo-skull to vid-drone contact. This will be his first mission on Doric-ar1 in conjunction with the Deathwatch. He had hoped to simply divert the opposing army away from the secrets locked in the planet's core, perhaps securing some useful tech or information in the process. However, Watch Master Turenn would not so easily allow even the most trusted Inquisitor to treat with the enemy in such a craven way.

This is a grim, dark world after all.

Battle WILL be joined.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Boom! Deathwatch

Finished on the last day of the month, too. One allied detachment: Librarian HQ, 5-man squad, and FA White Scars biker.

I thought the all-black armor would paint faster, but then I wanted to spend too much time on the Doo-dads and pieces of flair. The bits-box diving for the build was fun, though.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BIG GAME 2016 -- part 2

As promised, these are all the pictures I took of games that took place on other tables throughout the weekend. So in no particular order, let's get to it!

But first, Conan.
Note the PBR case as light-blocking shade. This is a key piece of equipment.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BIG GAME 2016 -- Part 1

First, the pictures from the game I played with Dan, Steve, Dale, Jesse, and Tim. This was the first D-Co Big Game I've been involved in facing down Orks instead of being on the Xenos' side. Instead I brought the entire 7th Brotherhood of Grey Knights under Grand Master Covan Leorac to assist an alignment of Inquisitors. The force might not be one expected to fight an exceptional alliance of aliens instead of Warp-denizens, especially when several Traitor Legions have been detected in the area. However, Chapter 666's Prognosticars made clear with unusual specificity that it was the unsettling cooperation of Eldar and Ork that was the true threat to Doricar1.

Anyway, I took a lot of pictures. So many that I have to split them up. This post will be of the 12+ hour game I was part of in the Genizah Forest, presented in mostly chronological order. The rest of what I took will post tomorrow night.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Knights in Fairyland

I just made an awesome eBay purchase this week. I needed three more terminators real quick for the Big Game 2016 and saw an hilariously painted squad on a Buy it Now sale. I'm guessing the pink & white pauldrons were meant to resemble toadstools. And it might not show up on the phone's camera, but the swords have a really nice shimmery metallic blue finish.
Anyway, I was inspired by our newly sprouted seedlings in the sunny bay window. Someone else has to enjoy this besides me.

This one also had his shoulder pads glued on sideways. The pink is getting painted over, of course, but I think I might keep him modeled like this. Makes his silhouette even wider.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Doric Incursion

This is going to be a very truncated battle report compared to some of my usual ones. This was meant to be more of a familiarization for both of us leading up to next month's D-Co Big Game.
Turn 1 after my Movement Phase and
Deep Striking units arrive.