Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mogrok and Mungus Make a Mighty Waaagh!

 "Orkamungus is pilin up big heaps o' tyres. He is almos' got all he can get. Does it seem ta yous like the days is getting longer? Like dat 'uge pile o' wheels is throwin' off da roatashun of False Hope? Dis planet don't seem ta got much more rubba left on it. In fact, I hear he's allowin' so a few of his meks can build a wagon or three wiv some of the better specimens. Guess he was gettin pretty tired o' haulin imself around on foot.
Oy! I fink I just made a joke! Get it? Pretty 'tired'?! Har!
So did I tell ya I was here wif Sootmouf an' 'is crew when we blasted outta 'dat big pile of 'umie fortress? But I dunno where he been for da last coupla days. He took them big Stompas and such blowin' up pretty hard. Lucky I got Mogrok ta take me in. Hear ol' Mogrok done some tricksy stuff over in Sanctus Reach. Him and sum da bosses wanna let us zoom around dis next scrum we got planned tomorra in dem speedy warkoptas. Get right up into the faces of the weedy little sorcerers they got runnin around. Oughta be nice and zoggy, that. Little gits won't see it comin!"