Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Guns or Really Big Guns?

Have been building these guys for a while and finally got them painted last week. I was hoping to play them in-game as Inquisitorial servitors with heavy weapons. Plasma cannons and heavy bolters, respectively. They're not fully painted in these photos, but they are pretty close.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mogrok and Mungus Make a Mighty Waaagh!

 "Orkamungus is pilin up big heaps o' tyres. He is almos' got all he can get. Does it seem ta yous like the days is getting longer? Like dat 'uge pile o' wheels is throwin' off da roatashun of False Hope? Dis planet don't seem ta got much more rubba left on it. In fact, I hear he's allowin' so a few of his meks can build a wagon or three wiv some of the better specimens. Guess he was gettin pretty tired o' haulin imself around on foot.
Oy! I fink I just made a joke! Get it? Pretty 'tired'?! Har!
So did I tell ya I was here wif Sootmouf an' 'is crew when we blasted outta 'dat big pile of 'umie fortress? But I dunno where he been for da last coupla days. He took them big Stompas and such blowin' up pretty hard. Lucky I got Mogrok ta take me in. Hear ol' Mogrok done some tricksy stuff over in Sanctus Reach. Him and sum da bosses wanna let us zoom around dis next scrum we got planned tomorra in dem speedy warkoptas. Get right up into the faces of the weedy little sorcerers they got runnin around. Oughta be nice and zoggy, that. Little gits won't see it comin!"

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Da Red Waaagh! Has Landed

Last week my Orks defended their dropships in part 2 of the Red Waaagh! Campaign I've been slowly playing through with joe. Big Mek Sootmouf was tasked (along with his Big Mek Stompa 'Junkinata') to keep the Imperial pressure off of the mustering Roks and dropships, including Grukk's personal Wrath of Gork. Meanwhile the Knights of Alaric Prime and their Cadian allies chose this point to effect a breakthrough of the Ork lines.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pictures of D-Co Big Game 2015

Yer muvver wuz a squighound and yer fodder smelt like fungusbrew!

Boss Off! Boss Off! Boss Off!

Here are a few pics of our pregame Boss Battle to 
decide who will be Supreme Ork Warlord.
"You brainless grots ain't couldna fink up a kunnin plan
if it wuz splattered all ova da inside'a you's 'elmets!"
 - Big Mek Sootmouf

Friday, February 6, 2015

BOOM! Morkanaut Now Fully Operational! Updated 3/3

Scroll to the end to see him painted.

Here he is primed gray and showing off his moving parts. These pictures are even a few weeks old at this point. I have since basecoated red and started the first layers of metallic effects as well as the base for the glowy gubbins. I should be pretty proud of this thing come Big Game time. As for the handful of smaller projects, well . . . most of you know how that goes.

Here you can see the head and kannon arm swivel. After the jump you can see the other movable parts.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Morkanaut from a Rhino Conversion

So I love the rules for the new Morkanaut/Gorkanaut. But I'm also very cheap, and building things out of scrap metal fits my Deffskull army really well.

So to that end, I got a rhino hull (no hatches, no tracks, just cheap) and thought it would be funny to see a half-dozen boyz hop out of the top hatch.

The hardest part for me was building a big Klaw of Mork (or possibly Gork)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ork Totem

A little ork totem for this year's upcoming Big Game. It comes from the Fantasy Starter set Battle for Skull Pass. I've used it a few times as a 7E games' objective marker. Since I have several projects still unassembled, I figure I should use something I've already completed for my army's deployment totem.
Couldn't you just imagine dozens of growling greenskins shouldering their way through this thing? Probably squabbling about who goes first. Then two of 'em would get stuck if it weren't for the ovver guys pushin from behind!