Saturday, June 10, 2017

Goodbye Old Warhammer of the Far Future

Hello new Warhammer of the slightly farther future.

D-Co held a small event a few weeks ago as a last hurrah to what we know as 7th Edition 40K.
I went with Grey Knights. This is the first time I ever built a dedicated display board for an army. Was kinda fun and I think it turned out very cool.

Plague Marines. I played this army first.
Iron Warriors. Game 2
Night Lords. Lots of Chaos wringing some use out of their Traitor Legions book.
Space Wolves; I played them last
Game 1 was The Relic. We fought over control of this giant bug daemon.

Had to move in close real fast, but the Terminator Lord got hold of their rogue daemon first.

And he immediately tried to move away. Luckily I caught him.

Unluckily, he was able to ascend to deamonhood in this challenge.

Meanwhile the Dreadknight was just barely too slow in killing off this unit and the Daemon Prince made off with the Relic. :(

 Game 2 vs Iron Warriors.
Moved up to kill off the Havocs and Obliterators ASAP.

I was dealing a lot of Instant Death wounds in this game. Felt kind of unfair. I ended up chasing the Warpsmith down after a pretty quick tabling.
 Final game was a recreation out of the forgotten Months of Shame in which the Space Wolves refuse to allow the Ordo Malleus to consign the population of Armageddon to death after the first big war there. Read about it in The Emperor's Gift. I liked it.
 The Terminators never even came into the game here. They missed Turn 2 arrival and the other two units were killed before Turn 3.
These goddamn guys. I couldn't even get Instant Death through all their saves. Good game, Bob.


Elsewhere around the venue:

Well, that was a long post, but there was a lot going on that stuffy basement. Lots of smart-ass talk and laughing. I think we even convinced a new guy to get involved in the hobby!
Personally I am excited to get the newest box set. My next post will probably be related to either building those models or playing a game with it. Can't wait!


  1. This was excellent. We should collaborate on a new D-Company header image. Your grey knights look great, we should fight sometime.

    1. Thanks! I just played with the Grey Knights using their new Codex. Batrep coming very soon.

      Games will be harder to come by in the next few months due to family changes. But let me know what kind of header image you had in mind. I always enjoy editing photos. Readers of this blog should nominate their own favorites!