Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Commander Coldwind Un-upsets the Balance

This was the second game I played, Saturday morning. A completely different Inquisition team meets the Tau in one of the city's monument parks. The xenos had been methodically sweeping across the open plains for weeks. And now Silver Skulls Librarian-Prognosticar Bhehan, seconded to one of the Deathwatch kill-teams on Doric, forsees a pivotal battle around the Imperium's icons.
This is the table we were on. Each of the statues was an objective, with a random (D3) amount of VPs attached to each, to be determined at the end of the game.

My friend Tim's Tau and my Inquisitor Yossarian have a short-lived running narrative involving a jokaero in my retinue. In a previous game Commander Coldwind (who can TRAVEL THROUGH TIME) had killed the space monkey to stop some horrific future tragedy. Now it seems that the ramifications were worse than expected and the balance in the time-stream needs to be re-balanced.
It's that one. There. On the right. He needs to live after all.

The Deathwatch were in full force this game. This particular squad was eventually completely destroyed, but they look so cool, right?

The Callidus Assassin drew a lot of fire again.

The Ultramarines rushed all their vehicles up their right flank.

While the Terminators deepstrike on the left flank.

Chaplain Flubbs makes his charge here. That was apparently the only good roll he made. Thus the embarrassing name, christened during this very game.

By the time the fliers finally arrived, we had few answers for them. Many of our infantry were being blown away turn after turn.

Kill Team Arenas did at least feel pretty good getting the drop on the enemy Warlord.

Watch Master Turenn dealt the final blow after three or four rounds of combat.

These scouts performed admirably, which is good. We'll need to promote some guys after all the First Company Veterans that got obliterated.

In the end, enough Imperial units were able to hold the most valuable of the random objectives, pulling a Draw out of a seemingly near-wipeout. Felt pretty lucky.

Stay tuned for one more report from the weekend.

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