Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How NOT to Put Down a Revolt

Final report from the Big Game. This was a full Ordo Xenos list investigating a potential cult uprising. Well, we have direct confirmation of a Patriarch on site. After this battle will be a reassessment as to how to actually remove the bastard.
This was my right flank after initial deployment vs Theo's Genestealer Cult army. Notice the unit already infiltrating behind my Deathwatch. By the way, that's my new Inquisitor in the middle there, near the cable spool. She was also the one staring out the window in the last batrep. She doesn't have a name yet. Anyone want to offer suggestions?

Don't worry, I was able to wipe these guys out pretty quickly. 

And I actually did pretty well against this squad of purestrains, too. Funny how the Deathwatch made it seem like ain't no thang.

The left flank would collapse just about instantly, though.

I couldn't even put a scratch on any of his tanks. I was able to capture quite a few objectives initially, but my lack of bodies or mobility put me on a real uphill climb.

Oh yeah, and the demo charges. Those really hurt.


I conceded after this unit took another demo charge volley. It was a very fun and flavorful game, though. And I like some of the pics that came out of this scenery, too. Theo, expect to be challenged again!


  1. Name suggestions for your inquisitor: Brianna Quatre. Lady Calithump. The Immaculate Duchess. Athalie Vestal.

  2. Further name suggestions: Klorynne Bleetch. Isa Thia Zolinone. Ait of Nyne.

    Great reporting!