Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Big Game 2017; First Game vs Greg

The warband sped through the desert. Attempting to wheel around the battle line being fought only a few kilometers away. The Chaos Warlord became aware of a handful of strangely marked vehicles in the distance through the telepathic link with his forward ranging bound daemon servants. The Rhinos appeared to be alone. Sensing that this was a likely trap, he also knew the glory seekers in his retinue would not be able to ignore the easy pickings. Dismounts were ordered and the summoning materiel was readied.
The opposing force was led by Inquisitor Covenantor Glokta, Vice Questora of the Erikkson system, Arch Lector of Bodenheim. He was waiting for this moment to call down the might of the Emperor's Hammer, Grand Master Covan Leorac of the Grey Knights' 7th Brotherhood. Even a minor victory would be enough to stall the Traitors from reaching the larger battle deeper within the continent.

This was about 4000 pts per side. We fought over control of three main objectives arrayed in the center of the board. I don't have much else to report about this game, but I really like some of the pictures that came from it.

Like this one especially.

The Officio Assassinorum would really pull their weight in this game.

I managed to successfully cast Vortex of Doom! And it didn't hit any of my own units (or anything else after Turn 1)

This Callidus Assassin took down the warlord almost on her own, with the Inquisitor's henchmen in the background cleaning up his diabolical bodyguard.

In the end, the big squad of Rubric Marines was pretty scary, but the forces of the emperor were able to carry the day.

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